Real Solutions for the Issues We Face

Jennifer A. Huse is running for Mayor of Camden, New Jersey as an Independent in the General Election to be held November 2, 2021.  


Our administration looks to provide the highest quality of life for all of the people of Camden. We aim to make Camden a leader in participatory governance which will seek to develop new ways to be accessible to each and every person. Together with advocates, non-profits, politicians, scientists, specialists, and others from around the country and the world, we hope to collaborate with our local small businesses, non-profits, university, healthcare professionals, and more here in Camden, New Jersey. As an ever-evolving city of progress, Camden has no “final frontier” and together in collaboration, we plan to continuously improve quality of life and the future of the city itself. Implementing real solutions as we face our issues with empathy and transparency, the possibilities for the city of Camden are boundless.

This website is dedicated to all the wonderful People of Camden, and Jennifer invites you to read about her stances on issues, volunteer, donate, and please VOTE FOR JENNIFER A. HUSE on November 2nd!  



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