The Center for Scientific Solutions

The future of Camden...The future of the World!

     We aim for collaboration in this endeavor with award-winning city and community designers. It is one of our goals to offer new disaster-resistant residences and other designs to protect against extreme weather conditions. We will obtain opportunities by reaching out to every grant and organization available to develop the most advanced technological systems worldwide.

     We aim to become prime examples of accessible displays of water, sewer, and electrical systems. We look to advance Camden's air, soil, and water to optimal levels. Furthermore, we aim to create advanced school curriculum designs.

     In collaboration with partners from around the world, we will test and advance solutions for improving our current social systems and introducing new technological solutions. The Center for Scientific Solutions will create an evolving social blueprint upon which we will work on all feasible and beneficial scientific solutions to the issues our city faces, while developing technologies that can expand outwardly around the globe. Our administration will work hand in hand together with the Center for Scientific Solutions to bring the highest quality of life to all residents of Camden and to serve as an example and innovator of progress throughout the Nation and the World.

     We feel there is no limit to the amount of improvement that can be done for our already beautiful city, and, more importantly, no limit to the quality of life improvements that can be made for each and every one of our residents. We have included an extensive list of issues here on our website that our administration will tackle. While this list is extensive, we know this does not encompass all of our issues which is why we will also be continuously improving our means of communication with all residents in our city. We want to ensure that everyone receives necessary alerts for safety but also alerts of our progress too. It is of the highest importance to ensure that all of the people of Camden also have functional methods to reach out to the administration to let us know other issues that need to be resolved, perhaps even helping us to work on them, if desired. We thank everyone that helped in putting together these proposals for all of the people of our city and we look forward to implementing them!  



Ending the War on Drugs Employment Opportunities

Decriminalization of Sex Work

Participatory Government

New City Revenue Sources Expansion of the Arts & Sciences

Healthy Life Extension Initiatives for All

Food Security for All Housing for All

Education for All

Center for Scientific Solutions