Decriminalization of Sex Work

     We wish for persons choosing the profession of sex work to no longer feel threatened by arrest or detention or live in fear of abuse due to their choice of profession. We wish for those that are assisting persons willingly engaging in these professions to no longer feel threatened by arrest and/or detention. We wish for customers of these professions to no longer feel threatened by arrest and/or detention.

     We wish to be able to help to the best of our ability to ensure all persons engaging in these professions and all persons of Camden to be able to have the best healthcare we are currently able to provide. We will explore all avenues toward a safer atmosphere for all involved with this industry and their loved ones, as we aim to do for all persons of Camden. We look to repurpose any money that may be saved or new money that we may receive from these initiatives to expand our social services to anyone that may need help with addiction, mental conditions, or abuse in this profession and for all of the people of Camden.

     All of our proposals here have already been successfully accomplished in areas throughout the country and the world and with concentrated efforts, we can make those improvements right here in our city. We strive to make the people of Camden into shareholders through many initiatives which inspire and expand the love for all persons in our beautiful city and the city itself.



Ending the War on Drugs Employment Opportunities

Decriminalization of Sex Work

Participatory Government

New City Revenue Sources Expansion of the Arts & Sciences

Healthy Life Extension Initiatives for All

Food Security for All Housing for All

Education for All

Center for Scientific Solutions