Employment Opportunities

     We aim to provide many avenues to our residents to get training in a diverse array of opportunities. Our administration will be looking to set up renovations training in beautifying our amazing and historic city. We will be looking to provide opportunities, with paid training, to learn how to renovate homes using as many skill sets as possible. There will be some skill sets that can be learned in less time and some that may require more time such as licensed courses.

     Our administration looks to provide training and employment in the Arts through multifaceted beautification of building exteriors, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Different artistic mediums will include drawing, painting, and creation of mosaics together with local artists and universities. We also look to expand our initiatives to get our children K-12 able to help in art projects to further beautify our city and increase tourism.

     We also wish to increase training for community policing, from new opportunities for officers already with our force to help grow, protect, and strengthen our community to new employment within our evolving police force that has often expressed wishes to be an example of policing to the nation. Our administration embraces these brave officers for their perspective of love in the community of Camden and excitedly looks to promote and foster the community together, now with new areas for peaceful problem-solving and community building.



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